Welcome to Hannuwa Agricultural Consultants
Hannuwa Agricultural Consultants is an owner run, specialty service to the wine industry. We specialize in managing vineyards, consulting and contracting.


What is Viticulture?
From pruning to planting and everything in between. Hannuwa Agricultural Consultants can assist in all your vineyard needs.
Farming is a year round activity and being an owner run operation, Ian will personally deal with and managed each aspect of vineyard maintenance for you.
Great wine starts in the vineyard and we pride ourselves in keeping your vineyards in top form.

“All good farmers become connoisseurs of dirt and dust.”


What can be done?
Do you need assistance in the cellar or perhaps even at home? Hannuwa Agricultural Consultants can also facilitate general handyman work.
We can assist in the management of contractors, painting and finishing work. General maintenance and up keep of your property too.
No job is too small for our experienced hands.

“We can be your right hand handyman.”

Some of our clients include the following:

Ernie Else